Discography & Reels

Thievery Corporation - percussionist
Radio Retaliation, ESL Music 2008
Cosmic Game, ESL Music 2005

James McMurtry - percussionist
Just Us Kids, Lightning Rod 3/2008

Dan Dyer -
drum set & percussion
Self Titled, Fat Caddy Records 8/2008

Poi Dog Pondering -
Everybody's Got A Star/ Plate Tectonic Music 2015
Volo Volo, Sony / Columbia 1992
Wishing Like A Mountain, Sony / Columbia 1990
Poi Dog Pondering, Texas Hotel 1989

Federico Aubele -
drum set & percussion
Pan Americana - ESL Music 2007

Penelope Houston - drum set
Pale Green Girl, DBK Works 2004
Loners, Stoners and Prison Brides, Return To Sender (Germany)  2001

Greg Lisher - drum set
Handed Down The Wire, Independent 2000

Golden Dawn Arkestra - conguero / percussion
Golden Down Arkestra, Independent 2014

Maxwell Horse - drum set
Snuff Record, Dimed Records 8/2004
Fall On Your Sword, Dimed Records 12/2001
Mike Emerson Quartet - drum set
Wabi-Sabi,  Independent 2001

Victor Krumennacher - drum set
A Great Laugh, Out In The Heat, Magnetic Records1995
Saint John's Mercy, Magnetic Records 1998

Palm Fabric Orchestra - piano
Vague Gropings In The Slipstream, Platetectonic Music 1995

"The Bowie Project", live theater featuring Super Creeps

Dubanova Selector Mix by El John Selector on Mixcloud

YouTube Video

 Promotional Video for Carlyn Ray Designs, Soundtrack composed and produced by el john.

Thievery Corporation live taping Austin City Limits, 2008

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