Discography & Reels

Maxwell Horse - drum set

Snuff Record, Dimed Records 8/2004

Fall On Your Sword, Dimed Records 12/2001

Mike Emerson Quartet - drum set

Wabi-Sabi, Independent 2001

Victor Krumennacher - drum set

A Great Laugh, Out In The Heat, Magnetic Records1995

Saint John's Mercy, Magnetic Records 1998

Palm Fabric Orchestra - piano

Vague Gropings In The Slipstream, Platetectonic Music 1995

Golden Dawn Arkestra - conguero / percussion

Golden Down Arkestra, Independent 2014

Penelope Houston - drum set

Pale Green Girl, DBK Works 2004

Loners, Stoners and Prison Brides, Return To Sender (Germany) 2001

Greg Lisher - drum set

Handed Down The Wire, Independent 2000

Thievery Corporation - percussionist

Radio Retaliation, ESL Music 2008

Cosmic Game, ESL Music 2005

James McMurtry - percussionist

Just Us Kids, Lightning Rod 3/2008

Dan Dyer - drum set & percussion

Self Titled, Fat Caddy Records 8/2008

Poi Dog Pondering - percussionist

Everybody's Got A Star/ Plate Tectonic Music 2015

Volo Volo, Sony / Columbia 1992

Wishing Like A Mountain, Sony / Columbia 1990

Poi Dog Pondering, Texas Hotel 1989

Federico Aubele - drum set & percussion

Pan Americana - ESL Music 2007

Promotional Video for Carlyn Ray Designs, Soundtrack composed and produced by el john.

Drum set & percussion, from Dan Dyer 2008